To contact or inquire about a friend or family member at a 麻花色情片 program, please call the specific program where he or she is receiving services. A list of 麻花色情片 programs can be found here.

A Reminder About Privacy Laws

麻花色情片 adheres to all state and federal privacy laws, including HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

You are able to share any information you would like with our staff regarding your loved ones. We are able to listen to whatever you would like to share.

However, for us to share or disclose information to you about your loved one and the care they are receiving, your loved one must provide 麻花色情片 with written authorization allowing program staff to disclose any information to you. Otherwise, 麻花色情片 staff are not permitted to share this information. Staff are also not permitted to acknowledge or deny that a person is receiving services in a 麻花色情片 program. 

If you have questions about HIPAA, or for additional resources regarding health information privacy, please visit .

Learn More About Our Website Privacy Policy

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