Diversity is
our strength

We don鈥檛 just say diversity is our strength, we live it.

At 麻花色情片, we have made Cultural Humility, Equity, and Inclusion (CHEI) a strategic priority.

We chose the acronym 鈥淐HEI鈥 because we felt 鈥淒EI鈥 wasn鈥檛 enough. Cultural Humility (the CH) is our desire to learn about other cultures, recognizing that we cannot fully understand someone else鈥檚 culture. We come from a position of humility so that we can continue learning and growing from, and with, each other. We are purposeful and passionate about CHEI. 

We want every single person to feel like they belong here. 

麻花色情片 fosters Cultural Humility, Equity and Inclusion in three tangible ways: through an inclusive hiring process, in our recovery-based environment of respect and non-judgment where we celebrate individual uniqueness, and by offering a wide range of services that supports people in their recovery journey. We put a great deal of thought, attention and training into our approach to diversity.

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with 麻花色情片.

Our hiring managers go through unconscious bias training so our recruiting processes are as consistent, equitable and inclusive as possible. Unconscious bias training is one tool we can use to learn and grow from each other 鈥 from a spirit of humility. We believe that unconscious bias learning has the power to help us build a more inclusive, respectful, and diverse workplace.

Inclusive hiring

Who we are is how we help

Our workforce reflects the diversity of our client base.

based culture

We believe that recovery is possible. We create an environment of respect and non-judgment where we celebrate individual uniqueness, where recovery can thrive. Our team walks alongside those experiencing a mental health diagnosis as peers. Learn more about our recovery-centered approach here

Wide range of services

麻花色情片 serves people who have complex needs and diverse life experiences. We specialize in serving people with serious mental illness who have faced a great deal of stigma and trauma in their lives. Our job is to meet people where they are, and help them recover their health, hopes and dreams. Learn more about our range of services here.

We are proud that our CHEI Committee is expanding their work across the organization, giving passionate people an opportunity to help carry our CHEI principles forward at a regional and local level.

We are committed to ensuring all diverse groups 鈥 including all races and ethnicities, all expressions of gender identity and sexual orientation, religion, and members of any protected group 鈥 feel supported, valued, and have a sense of belonging within 麻花色情片.

As a family- and employee-owned organization, we are committed to respect, growth, and partnership. We want you to know that you are welcome at 麻花色情片.




There is going to be struggle, but there鈥檚 also going to be victory


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