This is 麻花色情片.

We hold hope for those with the most complex needs, until they can hold hope for themselves.

In our communities and all around us, we are witnessing some of the most significant behavioral healthcare challenges and crises of our time.

The needs are complex. Mental health. Substance use. Justice-involvement. Housing instability and homelessness. For those who are suffering, it can be daunting and hard to face alone.

At 麻花色情片, we are part of the solution. We exist to serve people with complex needs. And we make a profound impact in this work by using a client-centered, recovery-focused, relationship-driven approach. We connect, enliven, and inspire people so they can find their path forward.

When our clients feel engaged, they feel hope for themselves and their future, they begin their journey of recovery.

We show up curious and without judgment, so that we can serve our clients and care for one another. We come from different backgrounds, but we always have this at the forefront of our minds.


We show up and care. We do whatever it takes to help our clients on their journey of recovery. 

When you focus on both the person standing in front of you and the team member standing next to you, you鈥檒l find trust and inspiration to innovate and be creative.

Our innovative mindset allows us to expand innovative programs and disseminate best practices, from crises and inpatient services, to improved care and outcomes for the unhoused.

We choose to be here because 麻花色情片 is a place where our lived experience is valued and we can realize our potential as professionals, as well as support the potential of those we serve.

We work shoulder to shoulder with passionate professionals in a supportive environment to advance evidenced-based approaches that deliver results.

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Who we are is how we help.

As individuals, who we are is important. We are shaped by our life experiences, our backgrounds, our challenges, and our dreams. Our unique perspectives help us bring empathy and compassion to the people we serve and the people we work with.

At 麻花色情片, the culture we create 鈥 and the relationships we build 鈥 are core interventions in supporting our clients in recovery.

It鈥檚 a story we see repeated every day: recovery starts with empathy and compassion.

Many of us have had struggles in our lives.

We can remember what it felt like to be in the dark. But we can also remember those moments when someone helped us find the light.

When we bring 鈥渨ho we are鈥 to our work, we are able to leverage those lived experiences to make a difference for others.

How we help is who we are.

At 麻花色情片, how we help is equally important.

The story you鈥檒l hear from employees is how working here started as 鈥渏ust a job,鈥 but became something of a calling. It鈥檚 an opportunity to change lives, care for clients, and help people recover their health, hopes, and dreams.

How do we help? We go above and beyond. We bring professionalism, diligence, consistency, and commitment to all facets of our work. We live our values of service, respect, growth, partnership, security, and excellence every day.





My big goal is to be able to help somebody every day.

Why people
work at 麻花色情片.


Employee ownership. Working together means sharing the work, and also sharing the reward. Employees now own 34% of 麻花色情片鈥檚 stock, which is a reflection of our value of partnership. As a result, Employees participate in 麻花色情片鈥檚 long term financial success through their retirement plan.

Impact. Collectively and individually, we make a difference, serving more than 40,000 people annually to move forward in recovery.

Diversity. We are a professionally diverse organization with over 250 prescribers (psychiatrists & NPs), nurses, social workers, rehab therapists, case workers, and more than 300 peer staff. We have a team based approach to care which values and draws from diverse professional perspectives to serve the whole person. We are also diverse culturally, and believe that we deliver better care by fully engaging the diversity of our workforce.

Professional growth. We offer scholarships, an ability to change lanes, independence, training, and leadership opportunities for non-clinicians.

A good leader is always there to support the team


Our History

麻花色情片 was founded in 1965 by Art Gladman, a psychiatrist; Lida Hahn, a psychiatric nurse; and Morton Bakar, a businessman. They believed that the rehabilitation of people experiencing mental illness was possible, and that vision extended from the environment they created, to the culture, to their individualized and hopeful approach to treatment. Just like our teams today, these three came from different professional backgrounds, and through their collective efforts, dramatically improved the quality of care for clients and the state of the art.

While 麻花色情片 has evolved over the years to address the changing needs of the people we serve, our overarching goal remains the same. Our mission is to deliver excellent and effective behavioral health services that engage individuals with complex needs in recovering their health, hopes, and dreams.

We are proud to provide an inclusive, respectful, welcoming, supportive workplace.

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