LAOA Celebrates Fiesta de Mayo with Food, Fun, and Special Guests

罢别濒别肠补谤别鈥檚 LAOA team recently celebrated Fiesta de Mayo with a lively potluck event. Staff brought dishes that reflected their diverse backgrounds and culinary inspirations, sharing food from their hometowns, places they had visited, or destinations they dreamed of exploring.

The celebration was even more special with the arrival of two furry guests: Llama, a new studded pet, and Teddy, the beloved fur baby. Their presence brought joy and excitement to the gathering.

The event also featured refreshing beverages, with Marcelo Cavalheiro enjoying a freshly made mango drink, adding a sweet touch to the festivities. The Fiesta de Mayo was a delightful occasion that highlighted the team spirit and vibrant energy of the LAOA team.